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Our services, and information provided, will develop as we receive requests - we are therefore always happy to hear from you.  Please do email us with your queries, concerns and suggestions.

Currently, we offer research, sourcing and concierge services and can assist in holday plans and itineraries as well as introductions to properties which we highlight on our bien choisir page.

As we, and no doubt many of you, have experienced the challenging and often expasperating French administrative system, we have collaborated with Tracy Leonetti, an indispensible expert in the reams of paper work required by the French admistration for every situation. You will quickly discover the need for her services if you are consdering a presence in France. Tracy has over 25 years experience helping people find their way through the maze of French officaldom and is herself currently going thorugh the process of acquiring French nationality!  

Introducing Tracy Leonetti - your indispensable paperwork specialist in France

Tracy Leonetti

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Tracy originates from Hull in Yorkshire and has lived in France for over 20 years.  She is married to a French man and they live,
together with their two children, in the South of France.

Tracy feels blessed to be living the life she does – but, as she says, “ Believe me it hasn’t always been a bed of roses!” Therein
lies a story many of us can relate to and to a large extent resulted in Tracy launching LBS to help others facing similar hurdles
when moving to, living and/or working in France.

“France is known for its difficult bureaucracy and despite all your planning and research, knowing how to work through some
of the particularly complicated paperwork processes can be frustrating. Believe it we know this and understand your frustrations.
Every person in the LBS team has been through many of the processes personally! Our aim at LBS is to reduce your struggle
and enhance your pleasure of moving to and living in this beautiful country.”

For any further information, contact details:
website: www.lbsinfrance.com
email: tracy@lbsinfrance.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tracy-Leonetti-Business-Services-164269757031167/
Twitter : @TracyLeonettiFr








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