Haute Loire
Haute Loire
Puy de Dome
Puy de Dôme

Dreaming, planning, choosing, moving to and living in France - been there done that and experienced the excitment and the challenges.  Selection du Terroir is the result of our continuing journey of discovery which we hope will give you some insight, assitance and encouragement in the process. Our services pages will be a useful, if not indispensible, source of information.  It is also our desire to promote  this delightful, and relatively unknown region, with its quality of life and value for money, we are both lucky enough to call home.

Our site is built on four pillars, reflecting the French lifestyle:
  • bien vivre - living well - making the most of life: we will introduce you to the rich diversity of the region and highlight the multitude of things to see and do and adventures to be had - read more
  • bien-être - wellbeing: here we explore the benefits of the different thermal waters in the region and the many other life-enhancing experiences these spa towns have to offer - read more
  • bien manger - eating well - an all important consideration for the French. Here you will find a list of the daily markets in the region and we will tell you about our local producers, their stories and their products. Of course, that all important question where to eat, drink and have fun we will be sharing with you right here - read more
  • bien choisir - choosing well: whether it is for a holiday, where to stay or finding your dream castle/cottage, discovering local artists and their creations, local producers and their products, or simply accessing the right services and information - read more

As this is very much a voyage of discovery and a work in progress,
we invite you to be a regular visitor to Selection du Terroir.
We do hope that you will enjoy this journey with us.
A bientôt,


Welcome to the green heart of France

green heart of France

join us on our journey of discovery


Auvergne festivalwhitewater in the Auvergne bien manger
This region offers almost everything your could wish for your enjoyment and quality of life. There is a staggering diversity of scenery and an abundance of activities both cultural and outdoor...read more There are many ways to enjoy a sense of wellbeing. The French have always valued the healing and uplifting waters of their Thermal stations and the Auvergne has... read more "Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es." [Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are]. This phrase was penned in 1826 by a french writer, Anthelme...read more There was a very good reason that the former kings of France chose to live in the centre of France. The region of Auvergne has many hidden gems waiting to... read more






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