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Street Art City

The brainchild of Sylvie and Gilles, Street Art City has become a living canvas for artisits to express their art in freedom and on a grand scale. The transformation of the ugly concrete buildings of a derelict PTT training campus abandoned more than 20 years ago, into a celebration of streetart is an astonishing and uplifting experience - especially so as Street Art City is a veritable mini city situated in the beautiful countryside of the Allier known as the cradle of the kings of France. Selected artists from the world over are able to take time out to concentrate on and enjoy their creativity as well as interact with other artists, thereby enriching their experience and their art. 


street art city

Sylvie welcomed us in the artists's bar, giving us a short history of how Street Art City came into being and pointing out some of the many murals and the gallery which the artists exhibit and sell their work. Her passion for this undertaking, despite admitting that she does not come from an art background, is evident and utterly inspiring, but she quickly released us to wander around and discover for ourselves this unusual place. Her goal is to encourage visitors from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the universe of street art and be transported by the experience. I can see it gives her great pleasure to see and hear how each person reacts to this unique environment. It was indeed a journey where time was suspended as one was transported by the larger than life creativity of the murals transforming these mundane structures. I left truly inspired.

Of course, pictures cannot truly do justice so I would encourage you to add this to your bucket list and visit sooner rather than later - you will not regret it and in fact I am sure you will want to return as I plan to do – often!