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Neris les bains

Known for millenia for the benefits of its warm water, the Romans were probably the first to exploit the thermal waters of Néris-les-Bains. From the 1st century, the village was developed along the lines of Rome; spa, pools, villas, aqueducts, temples and an amphitheater were constructed. As a result, this charming little spa resort contains a number of relics, all reminders of its rich past. Gallo-Roman pools and a Gallic oppidum in the Chaudes Park, a Roman amphitheatre, a Merovingian necropolis, and a Romanesque church, as well as a theatre, casino, spa and old Belle Époque station, are just some of the captivating architectural heritage buildings you will see dotted about this town. However it was only during the19th century, that Néris-les-Bains came into fashion with the visit of the Duchess of Wales in 1826. It was during this time that the spa, large hotels, the casino, the theater and the numerous eclectic villas were built and the parks and promenades created. Famous figures who delighted in the waters of Néris-les-Bains besides the Duchess, were Lammartine, Musset and the Empress Eugenie, to name a few.

The water of Néris-les-Bains is known for its unique composition, which is due to the kilometers of subterranian course the source takes before surfacing, gathering along the way its sedative, antalgique, relaxing and balancing properties. The water emerges at a temperature of 53º with an exceptional ouput of 60m3 per hour and has the highest levels of lithium of all the thermal waters in the region.

The Thermes of Néris-les-Bains

The “curists” come from far and wide to take the waters here, with the Thermal Station specialising in the treatment of rheumatism, neurological and psychosomatic disorders.

Open from end of March to end of October

neris thermal station
Besides the 3 week prescribed medical cures, this renowned and popular thermal station has introduced optimal health and prevention 6 day programmes at certain times of the year which are open to everyone.  These programmes are ideal for anyone with sleep, migraine or chronic pain problems or simply needing time out to destress or recharge their batteries.

Nériades Spa

For more information and reservations call 04 70 03 11 11

Open all year round.

neriades espace sensoriel

The Nériades Spa is housed in the original neo-classic Thermal Station and offers an 'Espace Sensoriel' with steam room, sauna, pool with light therapy providing powerful jet massages, jacuzzi and flotation beds and a wide range of well-being, beauty and relaxation treatments; thermal mud wraps, relaxing modelling massages and hydromassages, all using the uplifting waters of Néris-les-Bains. These waters with their high lithium content and the treatments offered at the Nériades are truly one of the best ways to relax and unwind! You are sure to leave feeling on top of the world and will definitely want to return. 

The Nériades Spa staff are welcoming, helpful and competent and the 'Espace Sensoriel' is my all time favourite without which I dont think I would survive the winter in the Allier!

Hotels and Guest Houses

There are a number of charming establishments in and around Néris-les-Bains, many of which offer special packages which include treatments at The Nériades Spa. I will be featuring these in due course.

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