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Mont Dore
Mont Dore

Situated at 1.050 m altitude in the valley of the Upper Dordogne at the foot of the Puy de Sancy at the source of the Dordogne River, and in the heart of the natural park of the Auvergne volcanoes, Le Mont-Dore is the highest of thermal towns in the Auvergne.

The Puy de Sancy (1,886m) is the highest point in the Massif Central and is a
stratovolcano (several volcanoes overlapping each other and erupting at different times+ did not happen at the same time).  This intensive volcanic activity formed the Massif du Sancy and is the source of a vast wealth of geological phenomena and flora.
Access is by cable car, and then a 20 min climb via the steps to the summit and a viewing platform providing spectacular views over the valleys in the National Nature Reserves of Chaudefour and Chastreix-Sancy.  The waterfall, one of the highest in Auvergne has a drop of 30m under the columnar basalt and is particularly impressive.

The Mont -Dore itself is a renowned spa town with a warm and lively atmosphere.  The architecture is a reflection of a rich past:
 - The Capucin funicular: a historic monument, the oldest electric funicular in France (constructed in 1898). It operates from from May to October and takes you up to climbs the Salon du Capucin at an altitude of 1,300m, where there are many hiking paths and adventure trail in the trees.
 - The Thermal baths: behind the austere lava-coloured façade is the hidden flamboyance of a prestigious past. Listed as a historic monument, this is a wonderful example of the Neo-Byzantine style with the framework in Gustave Eiffel's signature style and vast rooms with painted ceilings, columns, domes, rose windows, stained glass, marble statues and mosaics, and even vestiges of the Roman baths, frescos from the XIXth century.

The healing properties of Mont-Dore thermal springs, now numbering twelve, were known since ancient times. Neglected in the Middle Ages, they found new favour and gained popularity in the eighteenth century and especially the nineteenth century. The determination and the work of several men, including Michel Bertrand, Water Inspector in Mont-Dore, contributed to the town becoming an international spa town, hosting politicians, artists, members of royal families alike.  The spa became the heart of the future town of Mont-Dore with hotels, luxury hotels, casino, buildings, new villas and public buildings being built.

The Mont-Dore enjoys three tourist seasons:

  • Winter: December to April
  • Thermal Season: April to October
  • Summer Tourism: April to September

The Thermal Station and Spas

The thermal waters of Mont-Dore, rich in silica (the richest in France), carbon dioxide, chloride-sodium and bicarbonate, gush out from the springs at a temperature of between 36 ° C and 44 ° C.  They are particularly effective in the strengthening of the respiratory mucosa that inhibit the diffusion of allergens and stimulate the immune system.

The thermal waters are used to relieve respiratory diseases in the following treatments:

  • hydroponics therapy
  • nose and throat irrigations
  • humage (therapeutic treatment based on inhalation of gases of the thermal waters)
  • nebulizations
  • aerosol
  • inhalations
  • pharyngeal showers
  • nose showers with gas
  • Proëtz method
  • collective inhalations
  • collective aerosol
  • baths
  • jet showers
  • steam showers
  • breathing rehabilitation
The thermal gas also improves the peripheral blood circulation.
The above treatments can be completed with a "breathing" workshop, free for spa guests.

The Mont-Dore thermal waters also have a soothing and relaxing benefit in the treatment of pain. To effectively relieve pain, the spa uses the thermal waters for hydroponics treatments, baths with showers and pool immersion, baths with underwater showers, jet showers, Vichy showers, steam showers, steam rooms, mobilization swimming pool, showers under pool immersion and, if necessary, subcutaneous injections of thermal gas. These spa treatments can be completed with a workshop on "ergonomics", free for spa guests.

The Spa also offers various packages including fitness massages, hammam and jet swimming pools.