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Chaudes Aigues
Chaudes Aigues

Nestled in the valley of Remontalou southeast of the Cantal, the spa town of Chaude-Aigues is the southernmost of the thermal spas of Auvergne and at, 82 ° C, has the the hottest spring in Europe.

Over the centuries people have enjoyed the benefits of these miraculous waters bubbling up from the depths of the earth. Today more than ever, the spa and fitness centres are the hallmark of this Cantal station. Besides the thermal station, the sources power the seven public fountains throughout the city. These fountains were once used by residents for domestic use (dishes, laundry, cleaning and cooking ...) and even for heating in winter!

The curative properties of this water mean that Chaudes-Aigues has become a well-known and unique spa town in Cantal. The station is renowned to treat rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

The Caleden Thermal Centre

The water is the show-stealer in the Caleden Thermal Centrer where it is cooled down to 33-34°C and comes in a variety of forms: waterfalls, streams, bubbling waters, steam and geysers, all of which form a feast for the senses. The minerals it contains mean that this magical water envelopes you with its refreshing warmth for hours of relaxation, with waterfalls, bubble beds, Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam and more.