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Bourbon Lancy
bourbon lancy

Bourbon-Lancy is a spa town with renowned thermal springs, celebrated since Roman times, when it was known as Aquae Bormonis and was very prosperous.  In the Middle Ages, Bourbon-Lancy was an important stronghold and a fief of the Bourbon family.  The name Bourbon was derived from the name of the Gallic god Borvo and signifies bubbling or boiling, referring to the thermal hot springs in the town and Lancy was the name of a family member.  Situated in western Burgundy in the heart of ancient Gaul, on the road from Paris to Lyon, and on the Loire River, Bourbon-Lancy's history spans well over 2000 years. There is still a walled medieval area on the dominant hill and an authentic medieval belfry, wooden frame houses and fortifications which date from 1495.
Cardinal Richelieu, Madame de Sévigné, James II of England, and other celebrated people visited the thermal springs in the 17th and 18th centuries.  When Catherine de Medici had been on the throne of France for eleven years without producing an heir to the throne for her husband Henri II, it was to Bourbon Lancy that she turned in 1542.  The waters are reputed to enhance fertility, and certainly they had the desired effect, as she went on to produce ten children!
The old town with its mix of medieval and Renaissance buildings sits on the top of the hill.  The thermal town is at the bottom where the Thermal Station, Casino and Grand Hotel are situated.

Interesting places to visit

Musée Saint Nazaire – housed in the 11th century Saint Nazaire Church - artifacts from ancient & modern Bourbon-Lacy
Medieval center – shops, restaurants and an inn
Musée du Breuil
Musée de la Machine Agricole Puzenat et des outils du bois
Le Casino De Bourbon-Lancy

The Thermal Station

The thermal waters are particularly prescribed for those suffering from rheumatism, cardio/arterial (particularly circulatory problems) and fibromyalgia disorders.  A recent study has shown curists have experienced a 75% reduction in pain and 54% reduction in medications after their treatments.

Open from 30 March to 5 November 2016

For more information call 03 85 89 18 84

Celtô Spa

Celtô, the wellbeing centre, offers a variety of water therapies and beauty treatments for both men and women.  Relax, refresh and renew by trying one of ‘Les Escapades’ on offer – a selection of between two to six days of unadulterated body pampering.
Celtô uses the curing power of the thermal waters in the treatments. The Vitalys programme includes water jet massage, tropical showers, Hammam, sauna and Jacuzzi. The Aqualia methods eliminate toxins in the body and release energy. Nymphéa consists of beauty treatments and stress relievers for men and women.
Celtô is shaking this traditional town out of its Victorian slumbers!