bien choisir

Bien choisir - Choose well!

There was a very good reason that the former kings of France chose to live in the centre of France. The region of Auvergne has many hidden gems waiting to be discovered and enjoyed and since it is largely untapped, is still an affordable getaway whether for a holiday or for opt out to the good life for your retirement or business start-up.

If you are considering moving (click here for top ten tips), or have moved to France, my colleague Tracy Leonetti, who has lived in France for over 20 years, has provided us with general information regarding the french administration system and will be posting a regular blog to keep us up to date. She is also available for private consultation.

I will be posting interesting homes and guesthouses for sale as well as selected holliday guesthouses, self-catering cottages and camping sites.

You will also discover local products, arts and crafts and of course the all important question in France, "Where to eat?" Choosing a good restaurant is particularly important in this part of France and I will be posting my suggestions.

I invite you to join me as this chapter evolves and new discoveries are made which I will share with you along the way...

In addition I am able to provide a full range of concierge services. Please mail me with your requirements.