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Thermal towns in the Allier

neris les bains

Néris-les-Bains The Romans were probably the first to exploit the thermal waters of Néris-les-Bains. From the 1st century, the village was developed along the lines of Rome; spa, pools, villas, aqueducts, temples and an amphitheater were constructed. As a result, this charming little spa resort contains a number of relics, all reminders of its rich past.
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Bourbon l'Archambault

Bourbon-l'Archambault was built by Louis Bourbon in 1300 and was the original seat of the House of Bourbon. It was named after both the Celtic god of springs, Borvo, and the first Bourbon family, the Archambauds. Since antiquity, it is has been known for the virtues of its thermal waters. Read more


Vichy, the Queen of Spa towns, was very much the favoured resort for major personalities from the 17th through to the 19th centuries. Vichy radiates an aura of luxury with its 5star hotels, its bourgeois villas, casino, Parc des Sources and of course its famous thermal spa establishment. Read more








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